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Utah life insurance coverage

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Life Insurance Coverage

Life Insurance

When you plan for your future and those you love, one of the biggest decisions to make is regarding life insurance and how large of a policy you need. After all, life insurance is meant for your loved ones to keep them financially stable after you have passed. Agents at City First Insurance can assist with creating this policy.

Final Costs

There are services required at the time of your passing that can be covered with a life insurance policy. If you want your family to have a specific memorial service for you and lay you to rest in a specific way, it is important to leave funds behind to cover these costs.

Outstanding Debt and Bills

Since some residents pass sooner than expected, they may have some outstanding debt lingering. Despite the rumors, your debt does not disappear when you pass away unless it is for credit cards. If you have a mortgage or a lien on property and vehicles, that debt must be paid either by the family or returned to the lender.

Estate Fees and Surveys

Since many clients have multiple beneficiaries to their estate, having it separated comes with estate fees and survey costs for any property involved. If you plan to leave behind an estate to be divided, it is important to leave some funds behind to cover these costs.

Financial Stability

Some of your dependents may be little and have a financial dependence on you. Should you pass before they are old enough to provide their own stability, you can leave money behind to help take care of them until they are old enough to begin working and providing for themselves. This money can be used to cover their college tuition, purchase vehicles, and anything else they need.

Get Your Life Insurance Policy Today

If you live in and want to see about life insurance for your loved ones, contact our agents at City First Insurance today for more information.

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